*Intelligent Agent / Human-Agent Interaction (HAI)

We develop a personal CG agent to assist human daily activities. The personal CG agent can migrate on a mobile device and home appliances by keeping a relation with a user. The advantage of the migration is to solve a problem that the user has to manage a complex digital environments consisting of lots of software applications, IoT devices, and physical services like a robot. The migration of the personal CG agent can keep the personal information of the user to control the way of accessing the services and provide tailored experiences in the integrated digital system. The knowledge based interaction and the theory of mind are important for designing the agent migration. Moreover, the lively behaviors of the personal CG agent is important to develop a relationship with the user for initiate the interaction.

Mamoru Yamanouchi, Taichi Sono, Michita Imai, “The Use of The BDI Model As Design Principle for A Migratable Agent”, The 4th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, 2016, pp.115-122