Interactive Artificial Intelligence

Three layer for Interactive AI

Imai Laboratory studies mechanisms for Interactive Artificial Intelligence based on Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Intelligent Sensor Network, and Interaction Design.
We are especially interested in the particular interaction in a physical world including humans and machines. An intelligent machine has to have a skill of interacting with people by developing a relation, adapting each other, sharing information with them, supporting their activities, and developing a new symbiosis society. A robot, a computer graphic agent, and a sensor network are our key technologies to develop the interactive artificial intelligent system. We develop an interaction model and/or mechanism on the physical agent, and show how the model/mechanism works at a wild situation.

Our design principle for developing the interactive artificial intelligence is a three layered model consisting of the layer of knowledge base interaction/adaptation/learning, the layer of theory of mind, and the layer of generating liveness. We consider that the AI technologies cannot be applied to interaction without the skill of the theory of mind and the liveness. We investigate how the mechanisms of the three layers cooperate to achieve a natural interaction with humans.